The incredibly fast-charging OnePlus 12 is only $799 right now

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The OnePlus 12 is currently one of the best smartphones to release so far this year, and right now Amazon is offering a deal on it that saves you $100. The phone regularly costs $899 but you can pick it up for $799 as part of the deal.

For a phone that’s this good, don’t pass this up unless you just don’t need a new phone. As we said in our review, there’s no reason not to buy it unless you already upgraded recently. Across the board, it offers stellar features that anyone would want in a device. For starters, the OnePlus 12 has a long-lasting battery that will keep you going. Even if you do manage to kill it, it charges incredibly fast. So fast in fact that you can go from 1% to a full battery of 100% in just over half an hour. 32 minutes and 13 seconds to be exact.

Listen, if you’re always worried about battery life because you’re a power user, then there is no other phone on the market you should consider. Think about how fast charging a phone to 100% in 32 minutes is. Did you forget to plug the phone in overnight before you went to sleep? No problem. Plug it in right when you get up and as long as it takes you more than 32 minutes to get ready before you leave for work, you’re golden. Battery life isn’t the only good thing with this phone. It also takes amazing photos and has the brightest display we’ve ever seen.

It’s also worth noting that this deal is for the 512GB model of the phone. In addition to having lots of storage capacity, it has 16GB of RAM and it runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform. With these specs plus a large vapor chamber for cooling, the OnePlus 12 is great for mobile gaming. That’s on top of everything else it does well. For the majority of people in the market for a new device, this is probably going to be one of the best options. Grab it at a lower price while you can.

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