The iPhone 16 could bring a classic DSLR camera feature

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MacRumors initially reported on the presence of a new button called the “Capture Button” on the upcoming iPhone 16 models last year. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and The Information, this button will improve the iPhone’s photography capabilities, allowing users to record video, adjust focus, and zoom in and out with intuitive gestures.

Now, further details from Weibo user “Instant Digital” shed light on the Capture Button’s functionality and placement, confirming the upcoming enhancement in iPhone’s photography experience.

iPhone 16 to replicate a feature of digital cameras and some Sony flagships

The latest information from “Instant Digital” confirms previous reports, stating that the primary function of the Capture Button will indeed be to trigger image or video capture. However, what sets this button apart is its ability to adjust focus with a light press, reminiscent of the functionality found in traditional DSLR and mirrorless cameras. This dual-stage mechanism allows users to lock in focus or exposure with a half-press and capture a photo or video with a full press, providing greater control over the imaging process.

In terms of design, the “Capture Button” is said to be positioned on the bottom right side of the iPhone 16, replacing the mmWave antenna on U.S. models. To accommodate this new feature, Apple will relocate the mmWave antenna to the left side of the device below the volume and Action buttons.

However, MacRumors notes that “Instant Digital” has a mixed track record in terms of accuracy. His past predictions regarding some of Apple‘s product updates and features have often proven to be credible. Notable successes include early reports on the iPhone 14’s Yellow spring refresh, the “Spatial Video” feature of the iPhone 15 Pro, and the Apple Watch Series 9’s minor hardware update. However, some of his claims about iOS 17 features and the release of a new iPad Air in October 2023, did not materialize.

If true, this “Capture Button” will help operate the camera in landscape mode, especially during single-hand usage.

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