The Iyo One earbuds will come with AI power

Iyo One Earbuds

AI technology has squeezed itself into more corners of our lives. That not only includes software but also includes hardware. Iyo, a company spun off from Google owner Alphabet, plans to launch a pair of AI-powered earbuds named the Iyo One earbuds.

Right now, the fate of AI-powered wearables seems to be a bit grim. The Humane AI Pin, a device that showed so much promise, was dunked on by the majority of reviewers. Also, a similarly interesting device called the Rabbit R1 didn’t exactly wow audiences. So, companies may think twice about making AI-powered devices meant to challenge the smartphone.

Iyo is planning on launching its AI-powered headphones this year

Back in 2021, we got the news that a team Within Google’s X, a Moonshot Factory was working on a pair of devices set to revolutionize how we use our headphones. Back then, the device had the codename “Wolverine.” This device showed promise, and the leader of the project, Jason Arugula, spun it off into its own company named Iyo. Despite being an upstart company, Iyo was able to secure $21 million in funding from several sources including Alphabet, Horizon Ventures, and Lockheed Martin.

Now, these earbuds are said to launch by the end of the year. Looking at the image of the earbuds, we see that they have a very unique shape. There’s a large disc shape for the earbuds along with the flexible part that will go inside of your ears. So, they will definitely be distinguishable from other typical earbuds.

What will make these earbuds special?

The main thing about the Iyo One earbuds has to do with AI. Much like the Humane AI Pin and the Rabbit R1, these headphones will assist in reducing the amount of time you spend on your smartphone.

Along with that, they will boast the ability to manipulate ambient sounds to make for a better listening experience. You could tell the earbuds to quiet certain sounds and boost others. For example, you’ll be able to tell the earbuds to dampen certain sounds like rain or traffic and tell them to boost sounds like your friends. This is a very smart innovation over current active noise cancellation.

Another feature is the ability to use AI agents. You can think of AI agents as small specialized chatbots that are meant to perform special actions. Say, you want one AI agent to read your agenda, and you want another AI agent to set up a shopping list for you. This is a similar approach to what we saw with the AI Pin and the Rabbit R1, giving you access to AI chatbots on the go.

If you are interested in trying out these devices, you can reserve a pair now. Just know that these are rather expensive earbuds. If you reserve a pair, your deposit will be $59, but the full price of the earbuds is a whopping $599.

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