The Nintendo Switch 2 Joy-cons might use magnets

Nintendo Switch OLED 2

The Nintendo Switch 2 is still a mystery on many fronts but leaks have continued to pop up that suggest what we might expect, and the latest rumor points to a possibility of the Joy-con controllers using magnets to attach to the console. For the uninitiated, the current Nintendo Switch uses a lock-in rail system to attach the Joy-con controllers. It’s a design that’s efficient, and easy to use.

But you know what would be easier, and arguably more slick? Magnets. There’s no denying that devices that have parts that attach with magnets have a cool aura about them. The latest leak comes from Spanish publication Vandal, which states that Nintendo’s new Switch console, currently referred to as the Nintendo Switch 2, will come with magnetic Joy-con controllers and that it won’t be arriving in 2024.

The Switch 2 was initially rumored to be coming around the 2024 holiday season. But it was later rumored that Nintendo may have scrapped those plans because it wanted to be sure it had big games to show off alongside it.

Would magnets be the only attachment mechanism for the Switch 2 Joy-con controllers?

Magnetic Joy-con controllers would certainly bring an ease-of-use factor to the upcoming console iteration. However, it’s unclear if the magnets will be the sole connection system or if Nintendo is planning to implement something else to help the Joy-con stay attached. Nintendo could use super-strong magnets if there are no plans for additional attachment elements. It could also have the magnets be the primary attachment mechanism but then have clips that help lock the controllers into place.

Vandal doesn’t give any details on the controllers other than that magnets are included. So it’s still unclear how the whole attachment system works in its entirety. These also aren’t the only details about the Switch 2 that were discovered though.

The Switch 2 could come with a bigger screen

The display size on the original Nintendo Switch model was plenty big for handheld gaming. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t benefit from something bigger. Nintendo slightly increased the size of the OLED model, extending the display size up to a full 7 inches. It seems the Nintendo Switch 2 might have an even bigger display. Vandal says that accessory manufacturers were allowed by Nintendo to feel the console inside an enclosed box. Leading to the discovery that the upcoming console will be bigger than any other version.

This also allowed manufacturers to get a feel for the console’s dimensions overall. No specific sizes were given, however. Just that it would be larger than previous Nintendo Switch models but not quite as big as the Steam Deck.

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