The Nintendo Switch OLED can be yours for $315 today only!

Nintendo Switch OLED Deal

You know what’s better than owning a Nintendo Switch OLED, owning a Nintendo Switch OLED that you picked up for a really good deal, like this one that’s available from Woot! right now. Normally the Nintendo Switch OLED costs $350 when it’s full retail price. Which by the way, is almost always because the Switch OLED rarely gets discounts. So when it does, those discounts are worth taking advantage of.

At the moment Woot! has the white Nintendo Switch OLED on sale for just $315. Worth noting is that this sale is only good through today. At the time of writing, there are only 14 hours left before the deal is over. That, or until stock runs out. Whichever comes first. With that being said, if you don’t already own a Nintendo Switch OLED, now is a good time to get into one. It has an ever so slightly bigger screen than the regular Nintendo Switch and of course, it’s an OLED display.

Games really do look noticeably better on the OLED model thanks to brighter, more vivid colors. There are other really great upgrades too. One of the coolest things about the Switch is the multiple ways it can be played. You can play it in portable mode, or in docked mode where it’s hooked up to the TV. You can also play it in tabletop mode and have the kickstand propped out. The nice thing about the Switch OLED kickstand is that it’s much wider than the one on the original Switch. So it’s a little more secure.

The Switch OLED dock also now supports a LAN connection for wired internet. That’ll make game downloads a little faster and connections for online gaming more reliable. Remember, this deal is over in about 14 hours. So don’t wait too long!

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