The Pixel Fold could take a note from the OnePlus Open’s book

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You’re using an app with a Google Pixel Fold (Review) while it’s open, but it’s time to switch to a more sleek form factor. You close the phone, but you then see a blank screen. Wouldn’t it be great if you could immediately continue using the app on the cover screen? Well, the Pixel fold might bring a feature to let you continue using your apps on the cover screen when folded.

The Google Pixel Fold is a great handset, but it still has a little bit of growing to do if it wants to match the feature set introduced by other foldable phones. One thing that kind of annoys users is the fact that, when you close the phone while an app is running, you have to unlock your phone again to continue using it on the cover display. Sure, that’s technically more secure, but it’s not as seamless as people would want it.

The Pixel Fold may let you continue using apps on the cover screen when it’s folded

Fortunately, it appears that Google wants to change this. Mishaal Rahmen, via Android Police, discovered some code within the latest Android 14 QPR update. In case you don’t know, Google just released the Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 update for Pixel users. It brings the Circle to Search feature for beta testers.

At launch, when you closed the Pixel Fold while an app was running, the screen would just shut off. However, in the Android 14 QPR1 beta, Google brought the ability to choose whether the screen shuts off when you close it or stays on. The setting was called “Continue using apps on fold”, and it was something that Pixel Fold users really loved. However, Google has since taken that feature away.

Hidden within the code for the Android 14 QPR3 beta 1, it looks like Google wants to bring this functionality back, but with a Twist. In the code, there are some strings that allude to a feature we see with the OnePlus Open (Review). One string is:

<string name=”stay_awake_on_lockscreen_title”>Swipe up to continue</string> .

This implies that your phone will remain awake when the phone is closed. The next string reads:

<string name=”stay_awake_on_lockscreen_summary”>Fold your phone and swipe up on the front display to continue using the app, or wait a few seconds for the screen to lock</string>.

What the strings mean

The note within the last string tells us that you will simply have to swipe up on the cover screen when the phone is closed to resume the app you are using. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for the screen to time out or manually lock the phone.

This gives you more flexibility when deciding whether to continue your apps on the cover screen. You’ll continue them on a per-app basis. Unfortunately, we don’t know when Google is going to push this feature. No one has been able to enable the future yet, so it is still under production. Hopefully, it will launch soon.

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