These tiny earbuds help you sleep and they’re on sale for $90

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 Deal

If you’ve never used a pair of sleep earbuds before, consider this deal on the Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds that Amazon is offering right now. These normally retail for $170 but Amazon currently has them on sale for $90, so you end up saving $80.

Sleep earbuds are perfect for anyone who has trouble sleeping due to unwanted noise. There are multiple ways these can help you get some sleep but my personal favorite is just to turn on the natural sleep sounds and listen to things like water. These are incredibly small and slim too. So you can put them in and sleep on your side without discomfort. I have noisy upstairs neighbors that can be up at all hours of the night so a pair of sleep earbuds has been a huge benefit for me. And if you have a similar situation then you’ll definitely love these things. They work in a very similar way to earplugs but better.

Because they don’t just mask noise and play sleep-inducing sounds. They also feature a sleep alarm that can wake you up in the morning at your designated time. You simply open the companion app where you choose from the sleep sounds and you set an alarm for whatever time you want to wake up. This is great if you sleep with a partner since your alarm won’t wake them up in the morning.

What’s more, is that these have a pretty decent battery life. They last for up to 10 hours in sleep mode which doesn’t sound like much. But since you’re really only using these while you sleep, you’re going to put them back in the case to charge until you sleep again. So they’ll always be ready for you.

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