This upcoming game is like Pokemon with a little GTA mixed in

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Do you love playing Pokemon games but find yourself wanting a bit more… violence? Well, a developer just posted a trailer for an upcoming game called Palworld. This is a game that merges the magic and wonder of the Pokemon world with a lot of guns and heavy artillery. You’ve played Pokemon Sword and Shield, now it’s time to play Pokemon Smith & Wesson.

This game is currently on early access on Steam, so inaccessible to most users. However, it won’t be that way for long. If you’re excited about sinking your teeth into this game, it will officially launch on January 19th. So, go to the game’s Steam storefront and add this game to your wish list.

Speaking of Steam, the company just released its policy surrounding games with AI content. It will allow these games on the platform.

Palworld is a video game that reminds you of Pokemon and GTA

Looking at the trailer, we see a world where people and powerful animal creatures live and coincide. These creatures are called “Pals” and, obviously, they draw heavy inspiration from Pokemon. Most of them even have the same art style as what you would see in the hit anime and manga.

One thing we saw in the trailer is a person capturing one of these Pals inside of a crystal ball which is derivative of a Pokeball. Don’t worry; PocketPair, the developer of this game, is taking great care to avoid a massive lawsuit from Pokémon company.

Anyway, the headlining feature of this game is the inclusion of guns, guns, and more guns. Yes, in this game, along with the innate powers that your Pals have, they can also wield heavy artillery. We see machine guns, missile launchers, and so on. This will most likely attract many users to the game. It’s the sheer shock value of seeing adorable little Pokemon-inspired creatures juxtaposed to miniguns. It almost looks like someone modded Doom!


Palworld is a multiplayer open-world video game that has elements of survival and crafting. It will involve exploring the open world and gathering Pals. You’ll be doing a lot of battling alongside surviving the harsh elements and procuring food.

There are some Pals that you can ride on to explore the world, which is only one example of the synergy that goes on between you and your Pals. Along with surviving, you’ll also build structures by employing your army of Pals to do your bidding.

This game takes the concept started by Pokémon and expands upon it with several different other mechanics that make an overall fun experience.

System requirements

If you’re planning on getting this game, you’re going to need a pretty beefy system. You’ll be required to have Windows 11 installed. Also, you’ll also be required to have an SSD. Palworld will eat up about 40GB of your storage, and it’s recommended that you have at least 32GB of RAM. However, 16GB is still acceptable.

As for your CPU/GPU, you can use an Intel Core i5 processor (i5-3570K) with a G-Force GTX 1050. However, it’s recommended that you use at least a Core i9 processor (i9-9900K) with a G-Force RTX 2070.

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