Threads bonus program will allow some creators to monetize posts

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Meta announced a bonus program for Threads that will pay creators based on views and how often they share posts. However, access seems somewhat limited, and it will be active temporarily.

Threads was born as a direct rival to X (formerly Twitter). Meta wanted to take advantage of the “storm” after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. Some of the changes that were made to the old blue bird social network were leaving many dissatisfied and eager for an alternative. Threads was promoted as a platform very inspired by Twitter. However, it was somewhat limited, which can be normal for a new-born service.

The “novelty effect” attracted massive users to Threads, even if it was simply to test if it was worth it. After the initial tsunami of people, the numbers normalized, with a large percentage stopping using the app. However, those who stayed formed its current loyal audience base. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the platform currently boasts 150 million active users.

Threads will pay some content creators for sharing posts

That said, Threads timidly started a “bonus program” for creators in March. It is only available in the United States and for a limited time, as reported by TechCrunch. So, it doesn’t seem like the launch of a massive monetization program for creators like other platforms have. This seems more like a first step that seeks to further encourage the publication of attractive or quality content.

The two main parameters used by Threads to pay creators are the views of their content and how often they share posts. Of course, there are also some prerequisites that must be met to be eligible to monetize. The first and most important one is to receive an invitation. Then, content creators must accept the same conditions set for Instagram creators. They must also follow the Instagram rules for bonuses.

Not all posts can be monetized

The above means that not all posts are eligible to monetize. These will need to meet specific criteria, such as a minimum of 2,500 views. Posts that include copyrighted content, lack text, or are sponsored by brands cannot be monetized. Likewise, the presence of watermarks from other platforms should be avoided.

Lastly, Meta also notes that creators must reach a minimum revenue to request a payout. However, they did not reveal the minimum amount that would enable them to do so.

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