Threads is adding post swipe gestures

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Threads has become an official social media website after adding several useful features. It’s nearing its first birthday, and we’re still getting new and useful additions to the app. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO, just announced new post swipe gestures coming to Threads.

The company is working on new features all the time, and this is bringing in more users. A little while back, Threads reached over 150 million users. So, the company is obviously doing something right in its approach. A recent feature that the platform will receive is the TweetDeck-style feed. This will allow you to customize your feed in different ways. What will make this better than X’s implementation is the fact that you don’t have to pay for access.

Threads is getting new post swipe gestures

Adam Mosseri made a post on Threads talking about this new feature, and this mechanic will sound familiar if you’re big on the online dating scene. In the post, he mentioned that you’ll be able to swipe horizontally on your posts in order to curate your recommendations.

If you see a post that you like and want to see more of, you will swipe right on it. If you want to see less of that kind of post, you’ll do the opposite and swipe left. Everyone will, obviously, draw comparisons between it and Tinder.

Most other social media apps give you the ability to help steer your recommendation, but Threads’ implementation seems to be more straightforward. Rather than tapping on any menus and choosing options, all you have to do is a quick swipe. It’s quick and easy to shoo away those posts you don’t like.

Maybe it’s a little too easy. Some users complain about accidentally swiping on posts when scrolling. So, this could be a bit of an issue for most people. No one wants to accidentally swipe on a post that they hate or vice versa.

In any case, if you do want to try out this feature, chances are that you have access to it. If you don’t, then make sure that your app is updated.

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