Three HMD smartphones coming during the ‘first phase’

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As many of you know by now, HMD Global has no plans to launch new Nokia-branded smartphones. The company will shift to its own HMD-branded devices, and some of them have already been teased by HMD. That being said, according to a new report, we can expect to see three HMD smartphones during the ‘first phase’.

Three HMD smartphones expected to launch during “first phase”

This information comes from 91mobiles who got the info from “industry sources who have been giving accurate leaks related to Nokia in the past”. The source also mentioned that HMD Global does plan to continue selling Nokia-branded phones for the foreseeable future, but new ones won’t be coming. HMD Global will also keep Nokia phone sales limited to offline stores, based on the provided info.

The source is saying that one of those three phones will be quite affordable. No specific info was given about the other two, but we presume neither of them will belong in the premium level. We’ll see.

The company is bringing some of its new phones to MWC 2024

Now, HMD Global is expected to announce its first ‘HMD’ devices during MWC 2024 in Barcelona. We’re not sure if all three devices mentioned here will launch, though, we’ll have to wait and see.

The company did start teasing its upcoming devices via its official website. If you take a look at the three images below, you’ll be able to see what we’re talking about.

New HMD leak Green 2
New HMD Leak Green
HMD phone leak Pink

New HMD leak Green 2
New HMD Leak Green
HMD phone leak Pink

Smartphones that HMD is teasing remind us of old Nokia Lumia phones

The device shown in the first image seems to be different-looking than the two shown in the other two photos. What’s interesting is that the phone(s) in the second and third images do remind us of some old Nokia Lumia phones with Windows Phone on them.

You’ll notice that these devices are quite colorful. The one in the first image seems to have flat sides, and a flat backplate, plus probably a flat display. The phone(s) in the other two images have flat top and bottom sides, while the left and right sides are heavily curved.

The Mobile World Congress is taking place later this month, so we’ll get all the necessary info there. HMD Global could release more teasers by then, though.

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