TikTok advertisers might turn to Reels and Shorts if it gets banned

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Just recently, we reported about a new bill passed in the US House of Representatives that might end the game for TikTok. It passed with bipartisan support i.e., both the government and opposition co-operated on this decision which isn’t a usual thing. The representatives recommended TikTok parent Bytedance to either sell the company or face a complete ban. But, there’s more to the story before a full ban, it’s about the decision from the US Senate.

TikTok advertisers might go ahead with Reels and Shorts if TikTok becomes a thing of the past in the US

Advertisers who have long relied on TikTok to target the young audience might want to explore other platforms. Per Reuters, advertisers might move ahead with TikTok rivals which, are mainly YouTube Shorts or Meta’s Reels. However, the final decision remains in the hands of the Senate so the shift isn’t happening before that comes into action.

Reuters report cited ad experts who acknowledge Reels and Shorts as “TikTok’s biggest competitors.” More importantly, TikTok doesn’t have a very good history with these suits, and it has faced a ban in India, as well, which is one of the biggest market shares of Meta and even Google.

No doubt, Meta’s Reels and YouTube Shorts are worthy contenders

Meta’s Reels on Instagram and YouTube Shorts give TikTok tough competition as they gain popularity. Let’s not delve into the business prospect for now, but advertisers could benefit from these platforms.

TikTok is the most popular in this arena, especially among young users. But if it gets banned, people might take no chance than switching to other apps. This could first come from the content creators who have a massive following, and one content creator could also take along their audience which would pave the way for advertisers’ entry. A report from last year compared engagement rates: YouTube Shorts averages 3.80%, Reels hits 4.36%, and TikTok leads with 5.53%.

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