TikTok forms ‘Youth Council’ to help make the platform safer

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TikTok has officially announced a global “youth council” made up of 15 teenagers who will offer the company insights and advice on issues affecting its youngest users. This initiative first came to light last summer as part of TikTok’s broader efforts to intensify safety features for its adolescent audience.

TikTok has formed ‘Youth Council’ in hopes to make the platform safe for youngsters

The youth council has already begun meetings with TikTok’s top brass, including CEO Shou Chew, highlighting the company’s desire to include the perspectives of their young user base in decision-making processes. The establishment of the council coincides with TikTok’s ongoing efforts to combat legislative challenges, such as proposed bills that could potentially lead to the app’s ban in certain regions.

The creation of a youth council aimed at addressing concerns about youth safety on TikTok. For example, a media literacy campaign is reportedly on the horizon by the Council which intends to fight fake news and pushback AI-generated content.

The council includes teenagers from multiple regions in the US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, and Morocco who lend their views on regional peculiarities and risks connected with Internet security. Through a collaboration with Praesidio Safeguarding (an online safety organization based in the UK), TikTok plans to fully equip its council members with adequate resources to regulate content.

The Youth Council will help shape the privacy features intended for the younger audience

The youth council will advise on various TikTok features such as the “youth portal” that has in-app privacy and security resources specially made for younger users. TikTok also adds that young people who are part of the council will receive rewards for participating. It demonstrates the company’s desire to encourage meaningful conversations among teenagers who actively watch content on the Chinese platform.

Although it is still uncertain how much power this youth council will have over TikTok policies, its establishment is a sign that the company recognizes how important young consumers are. Given that TikTok is very popular with teens globally, especially in America, the organization acknowledges that they should engage with their demographic to deal with safety concerns and maintain a steady user base.

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