TSMC 2nm chips set for 2025 launch, Samsung aims 1nm by 2026

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TSMC’s 2nm process development may be back on track. A company executive recently said it is confident of beginning 2nm mass production in the originally planned schedule of 2025. A report last month suggested the Taiwanese firm is facing technical issues that may delay its 2nm chip launch to 2026. Samsung, meanwhile, aims to advance its 1nm mass production from 2027 to 2026.

TSMC on track to launch 2nm chips in 2025

TSMC and Samsung, the world’s top two largest semiconductor foundries, began 3nm mass production in 2022. Both firms are now looking to jump to 2nm solutions in 2025. However, a tipster claimed last month that the Taiwanese firm is in no position to begin production on its 2nm process node next year. Its production schedule was allegedly pushed back to the second half of 2026.

However, TSMC’s vice president of process development, Zhang Xiaogang, recently refuted these reports. Speaking at a forum last week, Zhang said that “the development of the 2nm process is progressing smoothly.” The executive added that “mass production should be possible around 2025 as planned.” This likely means it wasn’t a major setback if there was any.

The previous report suggested that TSMC is struggling to achieve the desired technological efficacy with the GAA (Gate All Around) transistor architecture. The company employed the FinFET architecture in its 3nm chips, so it is new to this technology (Samsung jumped to the GAA architecture with its 3nm solutions). The new tech improves the power efficiency of the chip while reducing its footprint.

It appears TSMC has solved the problem. According to Zhang, its current 2nm yield ratio (the percentage of usable chips produced from a wafer) is 90% of the target. While it hasn’t hit the yield target, it isn’t too far off. The company shouldn’t have difficulties starting 2nm mass production next year. Apple’s A19 Pro for the iPhone 17 series should be the first chip manufactured on its 2nm process.

Samsung aims for 1nm mass production in 2026

TSMC last month announced that it plans to begin mass production on its 1.6nm process node in 2026. Samsung, which has yet to launch its first 3nm mobile processor, may be looking to trump it by introducing 1nm chips that year. The Korean firm originally aimed to start 1nm mass production in 2027 but is now targeting a 2026 schedule. It will announce its plans and unveil a semiconductor roadmap at its upcoming annual SAFE Forum in Silicon Valley, USA. The event takes place from June 12-13.

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