Verizon smartwatch plans are getting a 50% price bump

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Verizon just confirmed a price hike for its smartwatch plan. Now, the carrier’s customers will have to pay $15 (previously $10) to enjoy the mobile network service on their wearables. Users are already receiving emails notifying them of the change.

High-end smartwatch manufacturers usually offer their devices in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + LTE/5G versions. Wearables with support for mobile networks have some additional advantages. For example, they can make calls, and you can connect to the internet outside your home without Wi-Fi networks nearby. They can also connect to emergency services if necessary.

Verizon price hike on smartwatch plans will be a 50% increase

Verizon has a specific plan for these devices. It offers “unlimited” telecommunications (5G/4G LTE, calls, and SMS), although with a speed cap once you reach a certain amount of data used (15GB). Until now, the carrier’s customers have been paying $10 to access this plan. But Verizon announced a price hike where it will cost $15. This represents a 50% increase from the previous price.

While the company is confirming the price increase now, it will take a few weeks for it to take effect. More specifically, the new price of the plan will be active on June 3. So, the previous price of $10 will remain through May at least. The company states that they will respect the discounts that users have active in their accounts. However, these will be applied to the new price once it comes into effect.

The increase doesn’t include taxes and fees

It’s worth noting that, as before, you must add taxes and additional fees to the new price. In certain cases, these extra fees can make the plan even more expensive. There are users claiming that, after taxes, the real price of their plan is at least 50% more expensive. Some even feel cheated since they were convinced to sign up for the Verizon plan through a discount.

Also, you may have problems trying to cancel the plan. Especially if you’re still paying for your device. In those cases, you cannot change the monthly plan until you have paid all the installments.

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