visionOS 1.0.3 makes resetting Vision Pro easier when you forget the passcode

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Apple has rolled out a significant update for its Vision Pro headset with the release of visionOS 1.0.3. This is the first update since the Apple Vision Pro‘s launch. The visionOS 1.0.3 brings a crucial feature that allows users to reset their Vision Pro headset themselves if they forget their passcode. It eliminates the need to visit an Apple Store to reset the device.

However, users of the ‘spatial computing‘ platform will still need to wipe everything stored on the device. The update just makes it a bit easier with the option to leverage the Apple ID password that they used while setting up the device. After resetting the Vision Pro, users who have already backed up their data such as images, videos, and messages to iCloud will be able to regain access to those files.

Users can now access this feature by navigating to the settings app and selecting the software update section to install the latest update.

The reset option in visionOS 1.0.3 is noteworthy for its simplicity and accessibility

If a user forgets their passcode and attempts to unlock the device unsuccessfully for four times in a row, they receive a prompt that says your device is disabled. From here, the user needs to reset the device to use it again.

Furthermore, Apple has provided detailed instructions on how users can initiate the reset process directly from their Vision Pro headset. By tapping the “Forgot Passcode?” button after four incorrect passcode attempts, users can start the reset procedure and follow on-screen prompts to erase the device and set it up again. This streamlined process ensures that users can regain access to their devices quickly and efficiently without the need for external support.

Apple’s release notes for visionOS 1.0.3 highlight the importance of the update, stating that it provides essential bug fixes and adds the option to reset the device in case of a forgotten passcode. This enhancement reflects Apple’s commitment to continuously improving the user experience and addressing customer feedback to enhance the functionality of its products.

Overall, the inclusion of an easy reset option in visionOS 1.0.3 represents a significant improvement for Vision Pro users, offering greater convenience and peace of mind in managing their device’s security settings.

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