Want to use your watch as a wireless mouse? You can with this free app

Wow mouse in action

At the CES 2024 event, tech companies showcased a lot of cool concepts. Doublepoint was one of these companies that demoed a very interesting application called WowMouse. The tiny little app is capable of turning WearOS-based smartwatches into a wireless mouse.

While most of the other concepts showcased at the tech show won’t make it to the market, WowMouse is already available.

WowMouse connection

WowMouse offers open-air gestures to control the mouse of your notebooks

Made by the touch interface company, WowMouse offers slightly similar features as the Apple Watch’s Double Tap functionality. The Double Tap feature only lets you use air gestures to control the Apple Watch. However, the WowMouse application takes the game to the next level and lets you use open-air gestures to control your laptops.

WowMouse not only lets you use gestures to control devices, but it also enables instant Bluetooth connectivity to a range of products. These devices can include smartphones, tablets, computers, headsets, and more. When using the app as a wireless mouse for your desktop, simply hit your index finger and thumb together. You can move around your arm to control the cursor.

Though it might sound gimmicky, the app appears to be working very usable in hands-on demos. You can watch a demo video posted by Snazzy Labs on X, where it appears to be working very well. Essentially, the app utilizes the existing sensors of your smartwatch to convert it into a spatial mouse. One of the best use cases of the app is when moving around during a presentation on your notebook.

Wowmouse use cases

Tested on Samsung’s WearOS watches, WowMouse is available for free

The WowMouse app is available to download for free on the Google Play Store. The app was released on January 5th, but received a major update on January 16th. The developer’s description reads that the gesture detection algorithm has been most tested on Samsung’s WearOS watches.

The officially tested devices by the developer include the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, and Watch 6. As per some reports, WowMouse doesn’t support the first-generation and second-generation Google Pixel watches.

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