Warcraft Rumble season 3 adds new leader and randomized PvP maps

Warcraft Rumble Launch Date (4)

Warcraft Rumble is just days away from launching season 3. If you’re an avid Rumbler, then by next week you’ll be able to dive into a slate of new content to freshen things up. Blizzard has officially announced details of what the new season introduces by way of a Developer Insight vlog. Players will be able to look forward to a rousing collection of new content with this seasonal update, including a new leader to add to your collection, and randomized PvP maps.

For those who enjoy the PvP aspect of the game, the map rotation changes will be a welcomed addition to keep things interesting. In the game currently, Blizzard has been doing one PvP map per season. And while this is fine, players might feel things getting a little stale if they’re playing the PvP mode often. This is likely to happen given that PvP adds a fair amount of replayability. The introduction of randomized maps will keep things fresh and players will need to be more aware of map terrain and other elements. Like where towers are placed and where gold can be mined.

It’ll also force players to be on their toes a little more since they won’t be playing the same map every single time. And this could sway players to change up their rosters a little bit. In short, the randomized maps should freshen up gameplay in more ways than one.

Warcraft Rumble season 3 goes live on January 21

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 Emperor Thaurissan

Days away means days away. Because come January 21, Warcraft Rumble season 3 will be live for players to sink their teeth into. In addition to the randomized PvP map rotation, season 3 is also adding a new leader.

This time around you’ll be able to set your leader as Emperor Thaurissan. Hailing from the fiery Blackrock Depths, Emperor Thaurissan is here to make your enemies feel the burn with his fire and lava-based attacks. His first and main ability, Lava Spike, is a ranged elemental attack that can also deal additional physical damage. The main component of this attack is the lava spike itself. When initiated, Emperor Thaurissan will slam the ground and summon a magma pillar under the enemy that is farthest away within his attack range.

This pillar can apply a burn debuff while also dealing damage to the target and any nearby enemies within range. The second component of this attack is the earth spike that spawns directly in front of Emperor Thaurissan. This will deal physical damage to any enemies within range. His second ability is called Fiery Weapon. This will cause ally attacks to apply burn when dealing physical damage to enemies. It sounds like he could be a powerful asset to have on your roster. If he sounds like someone you’re going to want to play, there are multiple ways to acquire Emperor Thaurissan. You can get him through the Guild Warchest, and as a PvP reward.

He can also be acquired through the store with some of your gold. Store acquisition will happen at the start of the season, as well as in the middle of the season, and once more at the end. He’ll be added to the G.R.I.D. in season 4.

New map rotations for PvP and new cosmetics

The new leader is surely going to be an exciting addition for many players. Especially those who are fans of the whole Blackrock theme. But there are players who love customizing things with cosmetics. And this season will add a few new ones to spruce things up. There are two to speak of — the Judgement Tower Skin and the Gnomelia Plane Burning Emote. The tower skin will be available through the Guild Warchest just like with Emperor Thaurissan, while the Gnomelia Plane Burning Emote will need to be earned through PvP and by getting a 16,000 rating. Additionally, Blizzard is adding a handful of map enchantments to shake things up.

This includes an enchantment called ‘Collateral Damage,’ where towers deal 20% damage to their owner’s barracks once they’re destroyed by the enemy. You can read about the remaining enchantments and other changes in the official Blizzard blog post. In addition to Warcraft Rumble’s new season next week, Blizzard is also launching season 3 of Diablo IV, which goes live on January 23.

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