Watch Xiaomi’s first EV park itself in multi-level garage

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Xiaomi announced its first electric car, the Xiaomi SU7, not long ago. That car comes in two models, and an interesting video just popped up. That video shows Xiaomi’s first EV park itself in a multi-level garage.

This is Xiaomi’s official video, it seems, and it was reuploaded by TechDroider to YouTube. The video itself is embedded below the article, in case you’d like to watch it, and it has a duration of around a minute.

You can now watch Xiaomi’s first EV park itself in a multi-level garage

In this video, you’ll see that the driver activates the self-driving mode upon the entrance to a multi-level garage in China. The car drives on its own to the desired parking level, and it even moves out of the way for the upcoming car.

When it reaches the level it wants, a parking spot is identified, and the Xiaomi SU7 finishes the job. This was a rather smooth job by the Xiaomi SU7, but that is to be expected considering this is an official video.

Xiaomi has promised that the Xiaomi SU7 is coming to its homeland this year. There is still no word on the global launch, and it’s possible that it will remain exclusive to China. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Xiaomi SU7 comes in two distinct models

The Xiaomi SU7 and Xiaomi SU7 Max do look the same, however, they’re different under the hood. The other EV, the Xiaomi SU7 Max, is not only more powerful, but it has a number of added perks.

The car itself does look quite sporty, and we can see influences from various other brands here. Xiaomi also announced a number of color options, but we still don’t know the price tags for either model.

This car comes as a result of a partnership with state-owned Beijing Automotive, and it has been a long time coming. Xiaomi is already working on new engines for new EVs, so this is definitely not a one-time thing for Xiaomi. You can expect to see more EVs from the company moving forward.

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