We have new leaks of HMD’s interesting-looking phones

New HMD leak Green 2

Not too long ago, we got our first glimpse at one of the phones that HMD is planning on bringing to the market. What we saw was a pretty standard-looking mid-range device, which wasn’t all too unexpected. However, we now have a new leak of the upcoming HMD phones, and one of them looks very interesting.

In case you don’t know, ever since 2017, a Finnis company called HMD Global took over Nokia’s branding. The company produced Nokia-branded phones, but they couldn’t really do much to bring Nokia back into the forefront. Over the last year, the company has been working on branching out and producing its own self-branded line of phones.

We recently got a leak showing off one of the phones coming to the market. However, we couldn’t get a good look at it. What we saw was that it was going to have at least two camera sensors. The model pictured in the previous leak was a blue color.

We have a new leak of the upcoming HMD phones

Thanks to leaker Roland Quandt, we have three new images of these potential phones. At least two models are being showcased. The first image shows what looks like a woman running through a bunch of phone components.

New HMD leak Green 2
From Roland Quandt

Looking at the chassis of the phone, we see that it has a pretty typical smartphone shape. The corners are a little bit sharper than what we would see on a Galaxy S phone, and the sides are very flat.

We got a glimpse of all of the internals of the phone, but this isn’t some cover-busting leak. All the components are showcased for artistic purposes. In any case, we can glean that this phone will have three cameras on the back.

The other two images show a more interesting-looking device. Whereas the first image showed us a phone with very flat edges, this phone has very round edges. It seems more reminiscent of a modern Galaxy S phone. The left and right edges are very rounded, and the top edge is completely flat.

On the back of the phone, we see what looks like a dual-camera package encased in a metal Island.

HMD phone leak Pink
New HMD Leak Green

HMD phone leak Pink
New HMD Leak Green

Why this phone is designed sticks out

There are a few things that make this phone’s design (the ones in renders #2 and #3) stick out. For starters, from the looks of the renders, it appears that this phone could have a metal unibody. This greatly contrasts the metal and glass sandwiches that we see nowadays. This leads us to wonder if HMD is trying to bring this aesthetic back to life. If it does, then we can forget about wireless charging.

Another thing to note about the renders (this could just be because these are very early renders and not meant to be accurate representations of the phones) is that we don’t see any buttons or ports at all on this phone. In the pink render, we’re looking at the right side of the phone, and in the green render, we’re looking at the left side. There are no buttons whatsoever on any of them.

This leads us to wonder if HMD is truly trying to differentiate itself from other phones and bring the buttonless smartphone to the market. If so, it would prove the HMD is not trying to silently blend in with all of the other mid-range smartphone makers. If it is indeed trying to develop some portless/buttonless phone, then it could be trying to lead the industry and develop an identity for itself. And, we’re all for it!

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