WhatsApp status updates may get a simplified “Like” button for quick reactions

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Soon, WhatsApp could allow you to quickly add a “Like” reaction to status updates thanks to a new simplified button. This is similar to implementations already present on other social platforms and messaging apps.

It’s pretty clear that the “Stories” format is quite popular, so much so that several of the most popular social apps have implemented it. Basically, it is text, an image, or a video that you can upload and that will be visible to your contacts for a limited period of time (normally 24 hours). Over time, apps that implemented the format added new ways to interact with updates, such as quick buttons that allow you to react, or even directly respond to them.

WhatsApp is working on a simplified “Like” button for status updates

Now, according to a recent report, the WhatsApp dev team is working on a feature that will allow you to “Like” the status updates of your contacts. This will be possible thanks to a heart-shaped button that will appear next to the text box when you are going to reply to a status update. If you’re an Instagram user, you’ll probably find this quite familiar.

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The new “Like” button for status updates. Source: TheSpAndroid

Currently, the feature is partially implemented in the latest beta The source indicates that, while you can enable the new feature, it is not yet fully functional. When you try to use the simplified WhatsApp heart button in its current state, nothing will happen. However, based on the operation of the button present on Instagram, it is possible that the other party will receive a notification indicating that you liked their status update.

It’s noteworthy that the app already lets you react to status updates from your contacts with certain predefined emojis. These appear just above the text box when you are going to respond to a new status. But, the simplified “Like” button will be right next to the text box, more within reach of your thumb, making the process easier. The new feature will probably seek to enhance the use of reactions to status updates and make them as common as they are in Instagram Stories.

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