WhatsApp will bring media quality controls

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If you use WhatsApp often, then you’ve more than likely had to upload media to send to other people. This is a core part of the WhatsApp experience for some people, and the company has just made it better. WhatsApp will give people the option to choose the quality of the media they upload.

In order to save space, most social media platforms compressed the media that was shared. However, some platforms have the option to send higher-quality media for a better experience. This helps preserve some important information and details in the pictures or videos. Most of the time, it doesn’t really matter, but there are instances when higher-quality pictures come in handy.

WhatsApp is coming with a new media quality feature

WhatsApp hasn’t let users really control the quality of the media they upload. The media was automatically compressed, and there wasn’t really a way to send higher-quality images without having to use other means of sending files. For example, people would have to upload the files to Google Drive and paste the link into the chat. That’s more tedious than just sending a file to people.

Well, thanks to a new report from WABetaInfo, we now know that WhatsApp wants to give users more control over the media that they upload. In the latest version of the Android beta, version, we see that WhatsApp is going to allow people to select the quality of the media they want to upload.

In the Storage & Data section of the settings, there will be a new media upload quality section. When you tap on that, you’ll see a little pop-out window appear. The first option is the standard quality option, and this will compress your media as usual. However, the HD quality option will send your media at a higher quality. This will not send it in its original quality, but it states that the quality of the media you upload could be up to six times higher.

It also states something that we all know: standard quality media uploads faster and takes up less space, and higher quality media uploads slower and takes up more space.

This feature is available to some beta testers, and it will start rolling out to more users over the coming days.

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