Xfinity Mobile introduces cheaper unlimited plans with more data

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Comcast has simplified Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plans. The company has introduced two new tariffs for consumers to choose from this week – Unlimited and Unlimited Plus. These are simplified versions of the Unlimited Intro, Plus, and Premium plans, which the brand introduced a couple of years ago. The new packs are cheaper and offer higher data than their predecessors.

Xfinity Mobile’s new Unlimited plans start at $40/month for one line with 30GB of data

Xfinity Mobile’s streamlined Unlimited plans now start at just $40 per month for one line. The prices go up to $60, $80, $100, and $120 for two, three, four, and five lines respectively. All these tariffs offer 30GB of monthly 5G+ high-speed data and unlimited mobile hotspots at 3G speeds.

The cheaper Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan is quite attractive. It kicks off at $40 but falls to just $25 per line with a four-line connection. The pack offers video streaming at 480p over a mobile connection.

Looking for more data? Check out the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plus plan

If you are looking for more high-speed premium 5G+ data, then you can opt for the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Plus plan. This one starts at $50 per month for a single line. You can also opt for two, three, and four lines for $80, $110, and $140 respectively. This pack offers 50GB of monthly premium data and access to HD or 720p video streaming across devices.

You also get a mobile hotspot of 15GB at up to 5G/4G LTE speeds. Post the limit, you get unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data. Both the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans offer calls, text, and roaming within the US. The same to and from Canada and Mexico are also included with these tariffs at no extra charge.

The previous Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Intro, Plus, and Premium plans were available starting from $45, $55, and $65 per month respectively. Considering this, you can see that the new simplified unlimited plans can save you between $5 to $15 per line. The full breakdown of the new plans can be seen in the photo below.

xfinity Mobile unlimited plans

The new pricing structure puts Xfinity’s service closer in line with Spectrum Mobile

Notably, the new pricing structure brings Xfinity Mobile’s service closer in line with what the users get with Spectrum Mobile. To compare, Spectrum’s Unlimited and Unlimited Plus monthly plans start at $30 and $40 respectively. However, the price per line stays the same regardless of how many lines you opt for.

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