You can buy a Ring Video Doorbell for only $55 today!

Ring Video Doorbell second generation 2

Video Doorbells are a great product to have at your home. The ability to see who’s at your door, get notified when you get a package, and so much more. And today, Amazon is making the barrier to entry even cheaper, with the Ring Video Doorbell being just $54.99. Amazon has shaved $45 off of its regular price here.

Amazon owns Ring, which makes the Ring Video Doorbell work well with the Alexa ecosystem. Using Alexa, you can open up the video stream from your Ring Video Doorbell on other devices like a Fire TV, Fire Tablet, or Echo Show. It can also tell you when someone is at the door, as well as when packages are delivered.

This particular doorbell can record in 1080p HD video, giving you excellent and crisp picture quality. There’s also two-way audio. So you can answer the door even when you aren’t home and tell FedEx to put the package under a planter or something to hide it from those porch pirates. Of course, you can also use it to catch those porch pirates.

The doorbell is able to record all motions of everyone that comes near your home. And it will be stored for a few days. However, if you pay for Ring Protect, you can save and share videos and photos from your Ring Video Doorbell. This costs just $3.99 per month per device, or if you have multiple devices, you can get the $10 plan to cover them all. It makes the most sense if you have more than three products.

Finally, the battery life. Battery life on the Ring Video Doorbell is pretty subjective. This depends on how much traffic your home gets, your settings, and more. But for me, it generally lasts around a month or so, depending on the charge. Ring does make it pretty easy to swap out, thanks to the Quick Release Battery feature. You can also buy additional batteries and pop in a new one right away.

You can buy the Ring Video Doorbell from Amazon today.

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