You might need to upgrade your Apple TV box to keep watching Netflix

Heads up for those of you who are clinging onto a second- or third-gen Apple TV box: you’ll need to upgrade soon if you want to keep watching Netflix through your set-top box. Netflix is ending support for those devices on July 31.

According to Apple Insider, Netflix is informing customers of the change by email. It didn’t fully explain why it’s ending support for the two boxes — each of which debuted over a decade ago — other than to say it’s doing so to “maintain the best possible Netflix experience.” In fairness, that’s tough to do on old hardware that won’t be able to support newer codecs.

In a broad sense, it’s a pity to see major services abandoning older hardware, especially since that will increase the chances of those products becoming waste and ending up in landfill. That said, there often comes a point where maintaining support for a dwindling user base of aging devices no longer makes sense.

As luck would have it, though, the latest version of the Apple TV 4K is on sale. The 64GB version has dropped to $90, which is $40 off and the lowest price we’ve seen for it to date.

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