YouTube layoffs affect 100 staff members who managed content creators

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Google previously cut 1,000 jobs as we celebrated the new year. Soon after, reports emerged that the tech giant could fire “a few hundred roles globally” as part of its restructuring plan. Now, Google-owned YouTube has announced yet another round of layoffs. As previously reported, it has laid off over 100 employees. Notably, YouTube is the most popular video platform worldwide and it has over 7,173 employees working across the world.

YouTube layoffs eliminate over 100 jobs

The news about the possible YouTube layoffs was first reported by Tubefilter. It noted that the layoffs could mainly impact teams that help and support the content creators on the platform. Two people in the know told the publication that these cuts are targeting the groups that support YouTube’s content creators. Then, the NY Times reviewed an email that informed employees from YouTube’s operations and creator management teams about their job cuts.

According to the NY Times report, YouTube’s chief business officer, Mary Ellen Coe, shared a message with the employees. She stated, “We’ve made the decision to eliminate some roles and say goodbye to some of our teammates.” The message said that people in the Americas and Asia-Pacific areas who could be affected would get a notification. And as we write, the roles have been terminated.

There’s a second chance but no assurance

YouTube is offering the 100 laid-off employees a second opportunity to apply for different roles, but there is no assurance that they will secure a position within the company. Moreover, they get a 60-day window to search for new roles before dismissals become official.

It’s hard to tell whether it’s the end of the company’s restructuring plan or whether could there be more tech industry layoffs. Nevertheless, reports hint there could be more tech layoffs in the pipeline. Over 20 days into 2024, we’ve witnessed more than 7,785 layoffs from 58 tech companies yet.

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