YouTube TV Multiview is coming to iPhone and iPads

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Last year, YouTube TV released one of its more interesting services. It’s called Multiview, and it allows users to watch up to four channels at once. Well, YouTube doesn’t only want TV watchers to have all the fun, as Multiview is launching for iPhones and iPads currently.

YouTube TV is mostly targeted at sports fans, as the feature only allows users to watch up to four select sports events at a time. So, you won’t be able to watch your favorite cooking show alongside your favorite sitcom. It’s mostly for avid sports fans who need to watch the top games at once.

YouTube TV Multiview is rolling out for iPhones and iPads

Watching four streams at the same time seems like a feature best served on a large display. However, YouTube saw fit to bring this to smaller devices like iPhones and iPads. Undoubtedly, there will definitely be some people who will use this feature regardless.

According to the report, several Apple users have reported being able to access the feature. The GIF below shows this feature in action on someone’s iPhone. In all honesty, Multiview doesn’t look too bad on the smaller screen. Unfortunately, the experience won’t be quite as advanced as on a TV. It appears that YouTube had to make some cuts so that the feature worked perfectly on smaller screens. So, you may not be using it for long sittings.

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What’s unfortunate is the fact that even though this feature was introduced last year, it’s still very limited in the content you can watch. You are still only restricted to certain sporting events going on. So, if you’re not a devout sports fan, you’re not going to be using this feature.

If you are on an iPhone, then you should be looking out for Multiview to hit your phone soon. If you are an Android user, well we have bad news. As is the way of the universe, Android users will not gain access to this feature for several more months. That’s rather unfortunate because March Madness is going on currently.

YouTube did not outline a specific timeline, so we have no idea when Android users are going to get the feature.

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