A fix for the Pixel scrolling issue is coming

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The Google Pixel 8 Pro (Review) offers an extremely smooth experience, well, if you’re not scrolling through social media. Pixel phones have been plagued with a weird scrolling issue that ruins the experience just a bit. However, Google announced that a fix for this Pixel scrolling issue is on its way. You’re just going to have to wait quite a bit for it.

This issue doesn’t only affect the Pixel 8 Pro. In fact, it even affected Pixel 7 phones. For some reason, when scrolling feeds, the animation would be very choppy and janky at times. It makes it appear as though the phone is having performance issues. That’s not something you want to see on your new $1,000 phone.

Google announced a fix for the Pixel scrolling issue

As reported by several sources, Google has acknowledged and addressed the scrolling issue affecting Pixel phones. The company is a little late to the game, as this issue was reported back in October of last year. That was the month that the Pixel 8 series launched. So, it’s a little disheartening seeing that Google is finally addressing the issue four months later. However, better late than never.

We’ve received reports from Reddit that Google is working on the issue. We also got official confirmation. The scrolling issue was actually marked as “fixed” on the issue tracker. This doesn’t mean that the issue is fixed on actual phones. It means that Google has successfully finished the code that will fix the issue once it’s distributed to phones.

When will Google distribute this change?

That’s where most people will have an issue. According to the issue tracker, Google will officially push this fix to affected Pixel phones with the release of Android 15. That’s going to be a bummer for people waiting for this issue to be fixed. Android 15 is still in the developer preview phase of testing. After that, it will have to go through an extended period of data testing before it hits the stable channel. We are talking about months of waiting before Google fixes this issue.

So, if you’re dealing with the Pixel scrolling issue, and you’re waiting for the fix, you’re going to have to sit tight.

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