Don’t miss this Galaxy S24+ deal for $850!

Galaxy S24+ 11

The Galaxy S24+ is one of this year’s better phones and right now you can pick it for a screaming deal over at Amazon. This deal is for the 256GB model which regularly retails for $1,000. But because of this limited-time deal, you only end up having to pay $850. And that’s a pretty good price on a smartphone with all of the features you get in this device.

For starters, 256GB of storage is quite a lot and probably more than most people will ever end up needing in a smartphone. But beyond that, the Galaxy S24+ has amazing camera performance and pretty great battery life. The Galaxy S24 series as a whole is also the first set of Galaxy devices on the market to feature Samsung’s Galaxy AI. You’ll find a lot of this AI influence in the camera, and a lot of it is similar to what you can do with Google’s latest Pixel phones.

Such as removing stuff from a photo that you didn’t want to be in your photo in the first place. Like people in the background. It’s also possible to use the circle and search feature on this device. This is a relatively new way to search for something on the web but it’s so, so handy because it’s easy to do. The Galaxy S24+ is also running with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. A super powerful chipset that helps drive excellent performance in mobile games.

It has buttery smooth performance in even the most demanding games on mobile, like Genshin Impact. So whether you’re looking for a great phone for gaming, photos, or just something smart that can help you do what you need to do each day, the Galaxy S24+ can easily be that device.

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