A new “Cinematic Moment” feature for Google Photos is in the works

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Google seems to be working on a new feature for Google Photos that will allow users to create “Cinematic Moment.” The latest news emerged from an APK teardown report posted by Android Authority. You might associate Cinematic Moment with the Cinematic Photos feature that allows users to create 3D views of flat images. However, the Cinematic Moment feature will work on videos as opposed to still photos.

Google Photos’ new feature will soon allow users to create “Cinematic Moment”

Android Authority reports that during the APK teardown of the Google Photos app, version, Assemble Debug discovered the code traces that hinted towards the new Cinematic Moment feature.

The code string recently spotted by the code tinker includes terms like “Cinematic Moment” and “Created by adding a slow motion effect to your video.” These certainly hint at how the Cinematic Moment feature would work in Google Photos.

Users will be able to add slow-motion effects to a selected part of the videos. Worth noting that creating a Cinematic Moment will be a fully automatic process. And, is different from creating a Cinematic Photo where users have to do everything manually.

It is still unclear what goes behind the automatic process of creating Cinematic Moment in Google Photos. Android Authority says that the new feature could be added to Google Photos some time down the line. But, there’s no word on the exact rollout date.

Like any other Android app, Google has been continuously working to improve Google Photos for a while now. More recently, there were reports about the new feature that enables Google Photos users to have more control over their backed-up photos. Time will tell if the Cinematic Moment feature will come in handy for users. But one this sure the newly discovered feature for Google Photos does sound promising.

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