Threads is getting a couple of useful new features

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Threads keeps on getting better and better. Meta’s X competitor grew a lot since launch, and it also received a bunch of standard, and some not-so-standard features in the process. Meta is now rolling out a couple of useful new features to Threads.

Threads is getting a couple of new features which will provide you with more control over interactions

These new features will give you more control over your interactions. Meta is adding the ability to mute notifications on your Threads posts. This should give you a new level of control if you’re getting overwhelmed by notifications when people interact with your posts.

The second addition is… quote controls. This feature allows you to remove unwanted reshares of your posts. That way you get control over who can quote your posts, and who cannot.

Folks over at Threads have been testing these features with a small number of users until recently. They were quite popular, however, which is why the company has decided to push them out to everyone.

A new TweetDeck-like interface is also planned

Threads is not stopping there, though, not at all. A new web interface is planned (even though one already exists), one that resembles the almost universally beloved TweetDeck. Plenty of customizability is expected out of that interface.

Meta is doing everything it can to compete directly with X. Threads managed to grow incredibly fast, even in the initial couple of weeks since launch. Things have slowed down since then, but Threads managed to keep quite a few active users… and it’s constantly growing.

It remains to be seen how things will progress from this point. New features can only help out, though, as long as they’re useful… the same goes for the expected web interface that will allow for plenty of customization, of course.

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