Adding context to Google Lens searches may become easier soon

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The added context in Google Lens searches allows you to be more specific about what you want. Now, it appears that Google is working to streamline the process of adding additional details to image-based searches through the camera. It would also be developing video-based search functions.

Adding additional context to Google Lens searches isn’t difficult, but it could be quicker. You can do this after starting a search with the Lens camera. Once you take the photo of what you want to search for, a text box and mic icon will appear. You can use either method (text or voice) to add additional details to the search. Now, it seems that Google will make the process require fewer taps.

Google would facilitate the process of adding context to Google Lens searches

As spotted by Android Authority, a new Google Lens feature would make adding additional context as easy as tapping and holding the shutter button while pointing at the target. If implemented, it would save you the additional tap that you currently have to do after taking the photo with Lens. Google Lens will also receive new animations. These are similar to the Circle to Search ones.

Potential video-based search features for Lens in development

According to the report, Google is testing the feature in the latest beta of its app (v15.22.29.29.arm64). Also, there are references to more potential Lens new features in development. These are: “Explore how people use Lens”, “Search with video” and “Hold to record a video and search with your voice.”

The strings suggest that Google wants to add searches for videos as well. You could start video-based searches by choosing files from your gallery or recording from the Lens camera. This is similar to what you can currently do with images in the app. For now, the “Search with video” feature is not functional.

As with any feature in development, its implementation is not guaranteed. However, the added context in Google Lens is quite useful for detailing your searches. So, a feature that speeds up the process would be welcome. Additionally, being able to start searches from video would be a great addition. In fact, Google is also working on an advanced video-based feature for Gemini. This one will allow you to have a conversation with Gemini about what you are recording with your camera.

Google Lens Voice Search Added Context

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