Amazon is bringing palm recognition to phones

Amazon one palm reading

Most people might not know this, but Amazon has its own method of identification called Amazon One. With it, users will use their palm to confirm their identity. Until now, users have been required to go to physical locations to sign up for an Amazon One account. However, Amazon just announced that Amazon One is making its way to phones via an app.

The company has been distributing Amazon One modules to different locations around the states. In order to use these modules, you simply have to hover your palm over the reader. Then, you’ll be able to make purchases at different locations through your Amazon account.

Amazon launches an official Amazon One app

As stated before, you needed to be at an official Amazon One reader in order to use this service. So, you couldn’t sign up for the service at home. This made it a bit inconvenient, as you’d have to go to a physical location.

Well, according to the company, that’s changing. Amazon just announced a new Amazon One app. With it, you can easily sign up for the service right at home. It’s available for both iOS and Android today, and you can download it using the link below.

Download Amazon One – Google Play Store

When you open the app, you will sign in with your Amazon account. Just know that you will need a valid telephone number. Once you’re signed in, you will use your phone’s camera to scan your palm. You can either scan one palm or both of them.

After you scan your palm, Amazon will save that information. So, the next time you go to any eligible Amazon One physical location, all you have to do is scan your palm. Then, Amazon will automatically activate your account.

You will be able to use your account at participating Amazon locations including Amazon’s own stores, Whole Foods, Etc. So, if you want a more convenient way of using Amazon One, then you should give the app a try.

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