Amazon may be leaping forward in building its in-house Vega OS

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In November last year, we reported that Amazon might be working on plans to ditch Android and instead develop its in-house Vega OS. Well, the report turns out to be true. At least, if a recent Amazon job listing is to be believed. It also suggests that something is brewing in the Seattle headquarters.

Amazon could be hiring engineers for Vega OS

First spotted by AFTVnews, Amazon posted a Berlin-based job, looking for a Fire TV Experience Software Development Engineer on January 29. However, if you visit the link to the job on the platform, you’ll see that it no longer exists. The job description clearly stated that the main part of the job is to help shift from Android to the rumored “Vega OS.” Amazon explicitly mentions this transition from “FOS/Android,” where FOS stands for Fire OS, to “native/Rust” and React Native for Fire TV.

Last year, reports surfaced that Amazon Echo Show 5 has switched to a new system, leaving its Android system behind. We don’t have the exact date for this change. But it’s clear that Amazon is putting a lot of effort into making this switch. The report also suggests that Amazon may not update current Fire TV devices to the rumored “Vega OS”. Instead, it will introduce new models with this system.

Amazon is not the only one with an in-house OS in mind

Amazon is not the only one ditching Android for its in-house operating system. In recent times, brands like Huawei and Vivo have also moved away from Android. For instance, Huawei has released HarmonyOS, and Vivo has come up with BlueOS in its homeland, China.

The good part is that there may be a lot of improvements in the in-house operating systems, and the sad part is that these operating systems will not support Android apps. This is because there are millions of Android apps available on the Play Store across categories. And that may not be the case with newborn operating systems, let alone the apps available on third-party stores.

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