Microsoft 365 apps are coming to Apple Vision Pro at the right time

Microsoft 365 Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s biggest launch in a long time, the Vision Pro, is releasing in a few hours, right on schedule. Priced at $3,499, it is exclusively available in the United States. Even at that price, one report suggests that over 200,000 units have already been pre-ordered. Perhaps, at the same time, Microsoft has announced its share of wishes to Apple as it launches its suite of Microsoft 365 apps on the App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

Microsoft 365 apps landing soon on Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft has announced “some exciting news” that Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop are coming to the App Store for Apple Vision Pro on its launch day i.e., Friday (February 2nd). This means that Apple Vision Pro users can download and use the Microsoft 365 apps as soon as they bring home the big-budget Apple’s “mixed reality” headset.

It’s noteworthy that Apple has long called its Vision Pro “an ideal productivity tool,” and Microsoft 365 apps are synonymous with the term. So, it’s no surprise that they’re coming. More importantly, Apple Vision Pro users will be able to use an AI-powered Copilot on the headset. This means they could do things like making drafts, summarizing documents, and creating PowerPoint presentations just by using voice.

Microsoft Word Apple Vision Pro

How’d the experience be while using Microsoft apps on Apple Vision Pro?

Well, we don’t know yet but the initial feedback on the Apple Vision Pro seems mostly positive. However, there are concerns about its weight and discomfort during prolonged wear. According to CNET, Apple Vision Pro is well-suited for tasks like using it as a work computer and enjoying movies.

Microsoft talks about a focus mode in Word. This will help users avoid distractions or fully focus on completing an overdue assignment. With Teams, your digital avatar can join work meetings, adding a personal touch. PowerPoint offers a special environment for practicing presentations in front of a virtual audience. In Excel, you can easily move documents to other apps by using the headset’s pinch and drag feature.

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