Amazon Prime Getting More Ads – And You Can’t Skip Them

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Just 4 months ago, Amazon Prime Video ended the golden era of ad-free streaming by introducing ads on its platform. The introduction of ads to the service disappointed many but Amazon is making it more worse by introducing its new ad policy which will add more and more intrusive ads to Amazon Prime. You’ll soon see a lot of ads interrupting actions like play and pause.

Ads on Amazon Prime are getting more intrusive

Amazon posted a press release on its advertisement page, announcing its new updated ad policy. The official update confirms that the firm is going to roll out three new advertisement formats in the coming days. These new ads will be specifically focused on the products available on Amazon’s shopping website. The motive of the ad would be to tempt the subscribers to buy the prompted products and hence, increase the product’s overall sales.

A new “shopping carousel” will be presented to subscribers during the streaming of shows and movies. It will have a sliding lineup of multiple products. The users would be able to easily buy the prompted product by clicking on the banner. Clicking on it will redirect the user to the buying page and it will automatically pause the playback.

New interactive formats of ads are also coming to Prime Video

The press further mentions its upcoming interactive format of advertisement for Amazon Prime. The new format of the ad will present interactive brand trivia to the users whenever they will be streaming any TV show, series, or live sports. The quiz will focus on certain products and reward participants with shopping coupons and Amazon Shopping Credits to incentivize purchases.

Just like the previous one, they will also be able to directly add the product to the cart or buy it from the prompted page during the trivia. It is clear why Amazon has introduced this kind of ads and what are their goals behind this.


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