This Pixel Buds Pro deal for $140 will be music to your ears

Google Pixel buds pro AH 5

The Pixel Buds Pro are some of the best true wireless earbuds available on the market, and right now Best Buy has an amazing deal on these that are too good to pass up. These would normally cost you $200 if you paid full retail price but at the moment Best Buy has them on sale for $140.

What makes these so good is the fact that they have pretty decent sound quality and a host of other useful features. One that I particularly love is that there’s now a game mode feature you can enable. Say you’re hooking these up to your phone to play a mobile game.

You can enable the game mode to sync up the audio with a low-latency connection. This way your visuals and your audio aren’t mismatched. This can be a big issue with other earbuds that don’t have a game mode because the audio desyncs just slightly. Sometimes it’s less noticeable, other times it’s much more apparent.

In addition to the game mode the Pixel Buds Pro also work with Google Translate. If you have a compatible Pixel phone you can use the earbuds to translate things people say using the phone app. You just pull up the phone app and speak something in your language, and then someone speaks back in theirs, and the translation plays in your earbuds. Pretty neat.

The Pixel Buds Pro are water-resistant as well. So there’s no worry if you accidentally hit them with a little splash. On top of all that these are super comfortable and they work with Google Assistant too. You can even pick them up in multiple colors, including Coral, Charcoal, Bay, and Porcelain.

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