Americans will soon lose access to low-price Internet

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The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is America’s only solution to tackle the rising price of the Internet. The program aims to deliver Internet access to low-income Americans and allows them to connect with the outside world. The entire program is designed to be dependent on funds and donations. However, due to the lack of congressional funding, the program is coming to an end.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is going to shut down in America

People widely used the ACP, making it one of the most popular programs in the country. It not only helps low-income citizens access the Internet, but it also benefits educational institutes, healthcare, shopping and other sectors. But there’s sad news for the users. The Government of the United States has announced that the popular federal program is now going to shut down. The program helped millions of citizens.

April was the last month when the program had enough funds to run. Soon after that, there was a lack of sufficient funding. And despite the repetitive requests by consumer advocates and Democratic lawmakers. The Republicans in Congress ignored the requests to provide more funds.

The lack of funds forces the authorities to shut down the program. It officially marked the program closed on June 2. The report claims that this will affect as many as 60 million Americans.

Americans are being forced to pay more for Internet

Given that the Affordable Connectivity Program is now closed and there’s no alternative, American citizens now have to pay more for the Internet. This will have a huge impact on particularly those with low levels of income. The citizens used to get as much as $30 worth of subsidy on carrier bills. The residents of tribal areas were also getting up to $75 off on the bills, and they will now have to pay for this.

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