Spotify increases premium tier prices in the US, once again

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Spotify, one of the world’s most popular music streaming apps, is increasing the pricing of premium plans in the US. The company has announced that premium tier users will receive an email regarding the price hike over the next month. Notably, this is the second time Spotify has increased the price of its plans in the region in less than a year. Last year, it bumped the pricing of Individual, Duo, Family, and Student plans in the July-October period.

Spotify premium tier’s price will increase by up to $3 in the coming weeks

Spotify has announced that its premium tier for individual users will now cost $11.99, a $1 bump from earlier. The Spotify Duo and Family plans are getting a price hike of $2 and $3 respectively. The Duo pack for two users will now set you back by $16.99, while the Family plan will cost $19.99. Notably, Spotify’s premium tier for student users isn’t getting a price increase and will cost the same $5.99 as earlier.

The music streaming giant’s Duo subscription has received a price hike of around 30%, compared to the pricing before last year’s bump. As for the Spotify Family pack, its price has increased by approx. 24% over the course of a year. The Spotify Individual tier’s price has increased up to 20%, as compared to the price before July 2023.

Spotify premium users will be notified of the price hike via email over the next month

Spotify mentioned that the users will be notified of the hike in the price via email over the next month. The company said that it is increasing the price of its premium tiers so that “we can continue to invest in and innovate on our product offerings and features, and bring you the best experience”.

Spotify price increase US

The streaming service’s users on the trial period will not be charged extra. They will be offered one month of service at the current $10.99 pricing once the trial ends.

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