Apple TV Plus Could Be Coming To Android Devices


It appears that Apple TV Plus could be coming to Android devices soon. Bloomberg reports that the tech giant is seeking an Android engineer who will help bring the TV app to Android. According to a job listing by Apple on May 25, the company is looking for a software engineer experienced in programming languages like Java and Kotlin—Google’s recommended language for Android development.

Bringing Apple TV Plus to Android is a rare move by Apple

Apple is not a company that is known for supporting its rival platforms. This is a company that intentionally refused to release iMessage for Android because it could lead to a decline in iPhone sales. Apple’s job listing indicates that it is deviating from its norms to bring the Apple TV Plus service to Android users.
However, this is not the first time Apple has brought its services to rival platforms. The company has released Apple Music for Windows devices and Android. It even partnered with Google in 2023 to fight location stalking with AirTags. Apple’s services have grown significantly since Tim Cook took over in August 2011. In the second quarter of 2024 alone, it generated a total revenue of over $22 billion.

Apple is trying to cater to potential customers

Apple TV Plus is available on Roku, smart TVs, Chromecast, and other non-Apple devices. The service has around 25 million paid subscribers. As the service continues to grow, the company will have to cater to different kinds of customers. This includes potential customers who might not be in the Apple ecosystem but still want to enjoy everything that Apple TV Plus offers.
Phones have gotten better over the years and each year, people find fewer reasons to upgrade their current devices. Companies like Apple whose major sources of income are from hardware sales, are turning to online services and subscriptions to maintain growth.

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