Galaxy Ring “Lost Mode” feature to offer visual location alerts

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring may have a “Lost Mode” feature. It would alert users and help draw attention to the wearable with visual alerts in the form of a blinking light.

APK teardown reveals loss prevention and security features for Galaxy Ring

Samsung recently teased the Galaxy Ring, a sleek wearable smart ring packed with sensors. Although the company hasn’t launched the wearable, this hasn’t stopped people from trying to discover its features and functions.

An APK teardown of the updated Samsung Find app has offered some interesting insights about the Galaxy Ring. Needless to say, the Samsung Find app is a cross-platform and multi-device platform that helps users locate their misplaced Galaxy devices.

The Samsung Find app currently supports Galaxy smartphones, tablets, watches, earbuds, S Pens, and other devices. Samsung recently updated the app. Several strings of code reference a new feature called “Lost Mode”.

The APK teardown, conducted by Android Authority, indicates the Galaxy Ring could soon get the Lost Mode feature. As the name implies, the feature would help Samsung Galaxy Ring owners locate their wearables quickly.

How will Lost Mode help locate the Samsung wearable?

It is important to note that references to the Lost Mode feature are currently present inside the Samsung Find app. However, as the Galaxy Ring isn’t available yet, it is difficult to test the same.

Nonetheless, the strings of code indicate the Lost Mode in the Samsung Find app would help users of the wearable locate the smart ring. The feature would have to rely on an LED embedded inside the Galaxy Ring.

Activating the Lost Mode feature would trigger the LED on the Galaxy Ring to blink continuously. It might help users to turn off other lights in the room to quickly zero in on the blinking wearable.

The feature would reportedly alert users if it cannot reach the Galaxy Ring to trigger the blinking. The Lost Mode feature may also allow users to lock their Samsung accounts from the app. This security feature would essentially lock out the Galaxy Ring and shield user information.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is Samsung’s first smart ring. Some rumors claim the Galaxy Ring may commercially launch on July 10, 2024. It is not clear if the company would announce the Lost Mode feature for the wearable on the day of its launch.

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