Apple Vision Pro expected to become mainstream in four generations

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As you may all know, the Cupertino giant has recently announced Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary mixed-reality headset now sitting at the flagship tier. It has a steep price tag, unaffordable for many. Although the tech behemoth is already working on less expensive versions of Vision Pro, industry analysts think that it may take up to four generations for this device to gain popularity among the masses.

The current state of the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro, introduced earlier this month, has stood out from other VR headsets due to its seamless interface and navigation features. Even its high price tag of $3,499 has not stopped it from becoming widely famed as an ideal consumer commodity for the future. In his recent Power On newsletter, insider Mark Gurman states that Vision Pro needs significant improvements before it can enter people’s lives as a routine gadget. And that the Vision Pro team estimates four years’ worth of hardware, software, and ecosystem upgrades before that happens. 

In their first attempts at venturing into new product lines, generally speaking, Apple products have been marked with flaws, corrected in subsequent releases. The same holds true for Apple’s brand-new offering – Vision Pro. It remains unknown what exactly is going on in Apple’s R&D labs and what specific improvements they are considering. 

Improvements due for future Vision Products

Extending from the newsletter, WCCFTech suggests that Vision Pro’s shortcomings in weight and appearance are undergoing refinement. Among other problems, the heaviness of the Vision Pro is of great importance. It is challenging for extended use and more so during long working hours. Apple may need to address this issue STAT to get the right balance of comfort and practicality. 

Similarly, the battery life has significant room for improvement since the current time averages only 3 hours. The future models might need to host a larger battery and even more efficient hardware, competing with the MacBooks in terms of endurance.

Rumors suggest that the Vision Pro team at Apple is presently working on many of the issues observed by early adopters. Besides the cost-effectiveness of the headset, enhancing battery life and reducing weight could be their main concern. Additionally, MacRumors mused aloud an interesting point about the potential ramifications of this product for iPad sales. The Vision Pro aims to be an iPad-esque offering but with far more potential. Nevertheless, Apple has the final say in directions intended for future Vision products.

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