ASUS confirms ROG Ally X with “very good battery”, more RAM

ASUS ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 Deal

ASUS has officially confirmed the next ROG Ally handheld, and it’s called the ROG Ally X. In a video livestream event on the official ROG YouTube channel on May 9, ASUS’s Whitson Gordon and Jake Kulinski gave a brief rundown of the revamped handheld.

Gordon was clear that this isn’t the ROG Ally 2, hence why “2” was left out of the name. And the main reason for that is because the ROG Ally X is more of an “in-between” version of the Ally that’s a little more than a couple of changes from the original model, but not a complete redesign like what you’d see on an Ally 2. It’s somewhere in the middle Gordon said. A rumor was spotted from January of this year that said ASUS was planning a second Ally for launch in 2024. And this seems to be that handheld, rather than an actual second-gen model.

There weren’t a lot of details given out about the Ally X but ASUS does confirm that a full announcement is on the way. “The next ROG Ally is coming,” the company says, and it plans to hold the full announcement on June 2. So just a few more weeks. That being said, ASUS does share some of the changes that are being introduced. And all of them are essentially changes ASUS made based on feedback from the passionate ROG Ally community.

The ROG Ally X handheld will have a “very good battery”

One of the main complaints about the original ROG Ally is the battery life, because it lasts for noticeably less time than the Steam Deck. ASUS took that information to heart and have improved the battery quite a bit with the ROG Ally X. How big the battery is or what the new battery life is was not mentioned. What ASUS does say is that the battery life is “very good.” Implying that there is a significant improvement compared to the original.

The Ally X also has more RAM. Plus, there’s a new update coming to the Armoury Crate that makes things look cleaner and just a bit more organized. This includes the addition of a new tab to add certain games to a favorites list. After adding these games to your favorites, this tab can show those games. Making it easier to find everything you’re currently playing. This is going to be useful for anyone who has a large game library. Because you’ll be able to weed out anything you aren’t playing at the moment.

Another small but welcome change is an ability to separate your Steam games from the rest of your library. In a new ‘Platforms’ tab you’ll have games listed by the platform that they belong to. So your Xbox games will be separate from your Steam games and so on.

The new list view adds further game library customization

ASUS, unfortunately, didn’t have much to share in terms of the list view, other than that it’s available. There’s also going to be a new homescreen customization option that lets you adjust the size of the tiles for your games, and re-order them, and there’s even a backdrop of the game that’s currently highlighted. You can also have the tiles placed at the top, in the center, or at the bottom of the screen. Moving into more new options, on the game library screen, you’re going to be able to press the X key and get options to now uninstall a game.

ASUS was very clear that Armoury Crate doesn’t actually uninstall the game. The uninstall option merely acts as a way to jump right to the Windows uninstall screen. So it’s much quicker.

Something that should make the entire community happy is the upcoming ability to upload profiles for button mappings and such. As this will let players trade them around. If you want to watch the full video about any of the changes ASUS shared this week, you can find that below. And the full announcement is just a few weeks out.

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