Become the Batman in this upcoming Meta Quest 3 game

Batman Arkham Shadow

The Meta Quest 3 is set to get an exclusive game release with Batman: Arkham Shadow, the latest game in the Arkham franchise, which Meta just announced officially this morning. The VR title will require a Meta Quest 3 headset which means you’ll need to upgrade if you have the Quest 2 and want to play it.

The game is being developed by Camouflaj and Oculus Studios and will be released sometime in 2024. Meta doesn’t have an official post about the game up. So most of the information available comes straight from the trailer. That being said, the trailer does mention it’s coming in late 2024. That suggests it won’t be launching until the back half of the year. So if we had to guess, it’ll land sometime closer to the holidays.

As The Verge notes, more details about the game will be revealed at Summer Games Fest. This event takes place next month. The event’s host and founder, Geoff Keighley, confirmed on X that the showcase will reveal more about the game.

Batman: Arkham Shadow seemingly includes series staple map traversal, trailer hints at one of the villains

One of the more iconic and popular features of the Batman Arkham games is the map traversal. You get a rather huge map of Gotham City and you can explore much of it by having Batman glide through the skies. You obviously can’t glide across the entire map. But it is possible to spread Batman’s “wings” so to speak and have him float shorter distances and take enemies unaware.

The teaser trailer released today might be suggesting that Arkham Shadow will include this type of gameplay. The entire teaser is a cinematic. So it’s not actually clear what the gameplay will be like. However, the trailer does show Batman gliding through the sky before finally landing on the streets of Gotham to face off against a large horde of rats. There are two things that can potentially be picked up from this.

The gliding may point to players being able to glide just like in the other Arkham games to traverse from point to point. The other detail worth exploring is the rats. At the beginning of the trailer, the camera is focused on one rat. Which Batman seems to be chasing. Once he lands, a wall of red eyes lights up as a horde of rats begins pouring out from the shadows. Batman then throws down a smoke bomb. This might be a hint at Ratcather being a core villain in the game. Since Ratcatcher uses rats for his villainous exploits.

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