Black Ops 6 live-action trailer teases Gulf War setting

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will get a full reveal on June 9, but until then, Activision is teasing its player base with a new live-action reveal trailer that went out this week. This year’s Call of Duty was initially teased to be the next Black Ops title earlier this month. With Microsoft having confirmed it when it announced the next Xbox Showcase. It’s after this showcase that players will get their first full look at the upcoming game.

Following the Showcase, Microsoft will hold a Black Ops 6 Direct. Complete with a wealth of details about the game including the full reveal trailer. There’s also likely to be some dev insights and other discussion. Not too unlike what Bethesda did for Starfield before its launch. To get players hyped, Activision released the first reveal trailer for Black Ops 6 on May 28. It’s a live-action trailer of sorts that sets the stage for the game’s setting.

Neither Activision nor Microsoft have confirmed what sort of war story the game will revolve around. But rumors have suggested it’ll be about the Gulf War in the 90s. This week’s reveal trailer seems to more or less confirm that.

The Black Ops 6 live-action reveal trailer showcases numerous global political leaders

The trailer doesn’t showcase any gameplay footage whatsoever. Activision is saving that for the big direct. What the trailer does show is a series of conversations happening between global political leaders. This includes the likes of Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, and Saddam Hussein. All of which played pivotal roles in the Gulf War.

This makes it pretty clear where the story of the game is headed. The trailer is brief and lacks any real mention of the narrative details. Again, this is something that will most likely come up during the direct in a couple of weeks. But it’s not hard to imagine with the picture the trailer is painting.

“Truth Lies” is a central theme

The one other piece of information that has kept coming up in all of Activision’s teasers is that “the truth lies.” In the beginning of the trailer, Bill Clinton can be heard saying “The truth is, your whole life is a lie.” You don’t actually see all of these political leaders talking to each other. As the trailer is shot in such a way that only one person is ever in frame at a time. Everything is also draped in shadows.

It appears by the end, however, that all of these people are talking to each other in a very secretive meeting.

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