Blizzard reveals Diablo Immortal’s Tempest class coming in May

Diablo Immortal Tempest Class Reveal

Blizzard has lifted the curtain on the next class coming to Diablo Immortal with the reveal of Tempest, a powerful new warrior who is a “master of wind and water.” There’s not much known about Tempest yet other than what’s shown off in a short trailer. The teaser is essentially just a cinematic for the new class introduction. However, there are a brief few clips that show the actual gameplay of the class being used. For now, though, this is all players will get until Blizzard holds its full reveal.

At this time Blizzard isn’t offering any details about Tempest other than what you can see in the cinematic. That being said, it won’t be long before more information is available because Blizzard confirms that Tempest is launching later this month. Once it goes live, players will be able to “become the storm” and dispatch demons with wave and wind-base attacks.

The Tempest class cinematic reveal confirms it’s coming to Diablo Immortal on May 23

While there may not be a whole lot of details now, there is a confirmed release date. Blizzard says the new class will launch on May 23 for Android and iOS players, as well as those who play on PC. Which means there’s most certainly going to be a full breakdown of the class before then. However, it’s unclear when exactly that’s going to be. One thing is clear though, it’ll be before May 23 at some point. And given that May 23 is a Thursday, fans can expect an official post sometime earlier in that same week or the week before.

Tempest is a mix of melee and mid-range attacks

Blizzard hasn’t given any details on how the abilities work. But it’s clear from the teaser footage that Tempest is mainly a melee class with some mid-range attacks mixed in. As such, it should be favorable among anyone who plays any of the other melee classes. Tempest is also the second class introduced to the Diablo franchise that has never been seen in any other Diablo game. The first is the Blood Knight which was introduced last year.

Early on in Diablo Immortal‘s launch window Diablo Immortal developers said there were plans for more classes being brought to the game beyond the original six. Which included Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, Barbarian, and Necromancer. With the upcoming arrival of Tempest, there are now going to be eight available classes. It’s currently unclear if Blizzard plans to launch any additional classes beyond these eight.

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