Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a wider outer display with square corners

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 AM AH 01

Samsung is planning to launch the successor to the Android-powered Galaxy Z Fold 5 flagship later this year. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 has already been the subject of several leaks and reports lately. We’ve already seen a handful of CAD-based renders of the upcoming foldable smartphone. The handset is said to come with a wider screen on the outside that can be used in the folded mode. Now, a new leak has revealed that Galaxy Z Fold 6’s wider display on the outside will ditch the rounded corners.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6’s wider outer display could ditch rounded corners

Since its inception, the Galaxy Z Fold series has mostly offered the same design language. All previous-gen offerings in the series came with a narrow and tall external screen with rounded edges. However, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will come with a slightly wider external screen with square corners. The popular tipster Ice Universe has shared an image of a third-party screen protector for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold offering.

The source claims the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s outer display will be 60.2mm wide. To compare, the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s external screen’s width is 57.4mm. This will essentially provide more use case area to a user at a similar size footprint without increasing the overall size. That said, the next-gen Galaxy Z Fold handset might be easier to use when it’s folded.

The photo of the cover screen protector also shows that the external screen will have thinner bezels all around. It’s worth mentioning that these cover case protectors are from third-party vendors. So, it’s advisable to take the leak with a grain of salt as nothing is official at the moment.

Galaxy Z FOld 6 cover protector

The next-gen Galaxy Z Fold could launch in July

Samsung hasn’t yet revealed when it is planning to launch the next-gen Galaxy Z Fold offering. However, the rumor mill indicates that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 could see the light of day at the brand’s upcoming Unpacked event in early July. There’s plenty of time for the rumor mill to reveal more information since it’s just the beginning of May. You can find out everything we know so far about the foldable in our Galaxy Z Fold 6 rumor roundup.

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