Comcast offers Peacock, Netflix & Apple TV+ bundle at “reduced cost”

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Comcast is offering a bundle of streaming services at a reduced cost. The broadband and cable giant has implied it is doing so to beat other competing services in terms of price and choice.

What does the reduced-price Comcast bundle offer?

Streaming services were supposed to offer subscribers the freedom from ads and bundles. However, with the advent of several streaming services, subscribers have to spend a lot more. Several subscribers have to tolerate ads if they wish to cut costs.

Realizing an opportunity, and a threat to its market, broadband internet and cable giants entered the streaming game. And Comcast is now reportedly changing the dynamics by bundling streaming services that currently compete with each other.

The Comcast StreamSaver bundle essentially offers Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+ platforms in a single package. Needless to say, the bundle is available only to Comcast customers.

While speaking at Moffett Nathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet and Communications Conference in New York, Comcast chief Brian Roberts said,

“The three streaming services, Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+, will come at a vastly reduced price to anything available today. The goal is to add value to consumers and take dollars out of other companies’ streaming businesses. This will be a pretty compelling package.”

How much will the StreamSaver bundle cost?

Streaming services seem to be entering a consolidation phase. This means they stay a separate entity but are open to working together.

This allows the streaming companies to enter more homes. The customers, on the other hand, get access to more content at a relatively cheaper price. As each platform has a separate and unique content library, several subscribers are either forced to make a choice or juggle services.

Moving forward, streaming service users can look forward to multiple bundles from competing companies. Apart from the Disney+, Hulu, and Max bundle, there’s the super-sized sports bundle from Disney, WBD, and Fox Corp that includes ESPN+ and similar TV networks from each of the companies.

At the current price, subscribers would have to pay around $23 per month for the basic packages from Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+. Moreover, they would have to tolerate ads if they wish to stick with the cheapest plans.

The Comcast chief has assured the StreamSaver bundle will be available at a reduced cost. This means the company may ask somewhere around $20 or less for the StreamSaver bundle. Comcast may ask for a few dollars more to offer ad-free content.

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