Come see the Galaxy S24 Ultra get unboxed before the official launch

Samsung Galaxy S24 CAD image 2

Samsung’s next Unpacked event is only two days away, and we’re all super excited for the new Galaxy S24 phones. Well, it appears that some people are more excited than others, as we’re still getting leaks of these devices. We just got some new leaked unboxing videos of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and they confirm some leaked and rumored information.

If you’re excited about seeing the next unpacked event, it will be happening at 1:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, January 17th. You’ll be able to catch it on Samsung’s official YouTube channel. We expect the company to announce several AI features because AI is now the big thing in Tech. And we all know that Samsung is always looking for the “Next Big Thing.” Along with AI enhancements, these phones are expected to come with the typical slew of hardware improvements.

We have new unboxing videos of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

A new post on X just spilled the beans on this upcoming phone. The account posted three different videos; each video showcases the unboxing of one color of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. As if this was a great big mystery, the Galaxy S24 Ultra closely resembles the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which resembles the Galaxy S22 Ultra… and, well, those devices resemble the later Galaxy Note devices. So, it has a familiar design. It’s large, it’s boxy, and it has the camera sensors jutting from the body individually.

What sets this model apart from previous models is the fact that it has a flat display. This marks the first time in nearly a decade that Samsung has released a full line of Galaxy S phones with flat displays.

In the videos, we see that the person is unboxing the videos and what looks like a store. So, it appears that the S24 has arrived at stores in preparation for retail sales, and an employee wanted to showcase these devices early.

In any case, we see how the phone looks and its Titanium Yellow, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Gray colors. These were the rumored colors for the device, so these unboxing videos just pretty much confirm these colors. There’s not much else that we can glean from the videos that we haven’t already discovered. There are also rumors that Samsung is going to offer some Samsung-exclusive colors that you can only buy from Samsung’s site.

If you’re curious about what these phones are going to pack, you should definitely check out our preview of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Maybe the two more affordable models pique your interest; why not check out the preview for the Galaxy S24 in Galaxy S24+?

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