Gmail could finally let you clear out those annoying subscriptions

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It can be really easy to put different email subscriptions in the back of your mind and let the emails just pile up in your inbox. This is an issue that we all have, but it looks like Google’s aiming to fix it once and for all. According to a new report, Gmail could soon implement a manage subscriptions button.

When it’s time to get rid of all those annoying subscriptions, the most intuitive course of action is to sift through your inbox and hunt down every email tied to a subscription. As you can guess, it’s pretty time-consuming.

Google has been working on more refined ways of unsubscribing from annoying email subscriptions. For a while, Google has displayed a large Unsubscribe button over emails for the web version of Gmail. This button is an indicator that you have an active subscription with that company. When you click on the Unsubscribe button, you’ll be taken right to that company’s unsubscribe page.

Right now, it’s only available on the web app, but Google is working on bringing it to Android. We’ll just have to wait to see when Google officially rolls this feature out.

Gmail could bring a Manage subscription page

Putting a big and bold unsubscribe button over emails is great, but the company could be working on something I could make keeping an eye on your scriptures much easier. Thanks to a post on X by Assembledebug, it looks like Google is going to bring a Manage subscription button to Gmail.

We don’t know too much about this feature right now, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it sounds like a dedicated page that will display all of the subscriptions that you have. It will be a one-stop shop to view your subscriptions and possibly unsubscribe from them. This would eliminate you having to manually search for subscriptions by yourself.

Gmail Manage Subscriptions button

The feature itself is hidden behind a few flags, so you won’t be able to use it just yet. In any case, it’s definitely a tool to look forward to. There’s no word on when Google is going to release this feature.

There’s another feature in the works

The same post also shows a potential report button for emails. It appears that you will be able to report any illegal content in an email. So, if you see a phishing email that will potentially bring you to a malicious site, you will be able to report it. Hopefully, Google will be able to take action against the sender of that email to help reduce potential damages. This feature is also hidden behind several flags.

Gmail report button

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